Welcome to Music4Life 2010!


What is Music4Life?

Music4Life is a music concert created with the intention of raising funds and vital awareness for Pilgrims Hospices in Kent, and Pancreatic Cancer UK. It will take place at Margate Cricket Club in Kent on Saturday 19 June 2010.


Why those charities?

Music4Life has been set up in memory of my mum who tragically passed away in June 2009.  Her last days were spent in the beautiful and caring surroundings of The Pilgrims Hospice in Thanet, where the care and levels of support were second to none.  Pilgrims Hospices provide a vital service to patients and their families, and need continued support to ensure they can carry on the providing the care and support that makes such a difference to so many lives.

Pilgrims Hospices

Pilgrims Hospice Canterbury, the first of three hospices in east Kent, opened in June

1982 when a former school sanatorium was converted and made into a 16 bed inpatient

unit and day hospice. Since then two further purpose-built hospices have

opened, one in Margate and another in Ashford. Hospice care is now available to all

people in east Kent within a 30 minute drive. Pilgrims now has 56 in-patient beds

across three hospices. They also provide care via day hospices, the living for today

programmes and within people’s own homes and are rolling out our Rapid Response

Hospice at Home service.

This year Pilgrims will cost over £8 million to run. It costs over £500 for 24 hours care for

an in-patient and £60 per day for care in the day hospices. Over 80p in every pound raised goes directly on patient care.

The community raises over 75% of our funding for Pilgrims Hopsices. Without this support they simply wouldn’t be able to provide the care that they do. People also give generous gifts of time as well as money. There are around 330 paid staff and over 1,500 volunteers.

 Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer UK is the only national charity dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer on all fronts: through information, support, awareness and research. The charity is committed to improving survival rates for this most fatal cancer and works in partnership with specialists, research scientists, GPs, patients and their families throughout the UK and beyond.

One of the charity's main aims is to fund research, particularly to improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment, and ultimately quality and length of life for future patients. In addition, they also run a support network for today’s patients and their families, and work to ensure that they have access to the best possible information, treatment and care.


Pancreatic cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in Europe and USA, and the 7000 cases which present each year in the UK have a median survival of four to six months and a five year survival of less than 3% (less than 1% for the most common type ie adenocarcinoma) . On average, less than 10% of patients have their disease caught early enough for it to be removed surgically which offers a much better chance of surviving 5 years or more. Sadly, the majority of people present with advanced disease which has spread beyond the pancreas and can't be operated on. Chemotherapy is offered to these patients with a view to improving quality and quantity of life.


Many people have never heard of pancreatic cancer. My mum was suddenly diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer approximately one month before she passed away.  Pancreatic Cancer UK aims to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer to aid earlier diagnosis and stimulate and enable more research to develop more effective treatment.





Please come to Music 4 Life and support the vital work of these charities!